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HOW TO: Buy The Right Shoe

Hi everyone!! Can you believe how fast the days are going? Two more days to the end of the month! Time is moving too fast!
I must confess that I have been a culprit of wearing ill-fitting shoes and suffering horrendous consequences later on, corns, blisters, strained ankle muscles. You name it. At one time or the other I suffered from one of them. And after spending so much time walking the streets of Nairobi and either admiring people’s shoes or staring in horror, I had to do a post on how to buy the right shoes.


It doesn’t cost a penny to try on shoes. Put on a pair of socks or have them handy to protect your feet from other people’s germs. This is the easiest thing to do to ensure that you buy the right fitting shoe.

New shoes will pinch you because they have not yet adapted to the unique shape of your foot. And if it pinches too much, chances are you may never break into them and they will continue to pinch you no matter how long you wear them.

Your feet expand with increase in temperature. That’s why they fit better in the afternoon than in the morning. Buying your shoes during the warmer part of the day ensures that they fit perfectly and you don’t need for fear having to walk in a comical manner because you are in pain.


Like any other item that you buy, avoid impulse buying. There’s nothing as bad as realizing, when it’s too late that you have more than one pair of the same or similar shoe. Buy shoes that you are absolutely certain you will wear with things you already own. Like your other clothes, the shoes you buy should be in line with your style.

I can tell you from experience that buying shoes with a heel that doesn’t give you the adequate support is not the best thing. Once I bought shoes whose heel was too heavy and I ended up straining the tendon on my ankle and I couldn’t walk for a number of days. I never want to experience such excruciating pain again.

Buy shoes whose weight you know your legs can handle. Too heavy or too light will cause you pain and discomfort afterward. Even ballet flats can cause you to stain your muscles if they are too light. It’s happened to me!


Wearing strapless shoes or slip-ons can be cumbersome if you spend your day walking up and down. You end up curling your toes in an effort to grip your shoes every time you lift your foot. This leads to hammer toes and you put excessive pressure on your leg and foot muscles. An easy way to stop this is to buy shoes with straps at the ankles.

 There are many stylish flat and heeled shoes that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Or look for cute details like the bows below that will make your shoes stand out in the crowd.


Who doesn’t love stiletto heels??? They bring out a woman’s femininity and you always look classy (well maybe except those that people associate with a certain type of woman). But honestly how many of us can walk well in stilettos? I’ve seen women walking the streets in impossibly high shoes, clinging to their boyfriends arm for support. Why lie? At one time or the other I’ve clinged on to someone for support.

Then came the wedge to rescue these tottering damsels. If you must wear heels, why not pick up some stylish wedges. They are more comfortable and are easier to walk in.

Images via Pinterest
You need to take care of your feet. And getting the right shoe is an essential part of that. What criteria do you follow when buying shoes??

Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. Unknown

    Very informative post. I am unable to wear such high heels but still I enjoyed reading it.


  2. Anonymous

    I hold the abiding conviction that shoes are always either pretty or comfortable. Never both. So i always end up in trousers and comfortable shoes! Deep down I'd love to wear more skirts and dresses….AND COMFORTABLE SHOES! Also, I walk a lot.I love your blog keep it up! Been lurking around for a while.

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