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How To: Add Personality To Your Office Wardrobe

I have always feared being in a work situation that restricts me in the wardrobe department. Being limited to wearing only suits or clothes of a certain style, say skirts and dresses only, feels like it could be the worst form of torture. But, there is no escaping wardrobe rules. I think that no matter who you work for, be they in the creative industry or a bank, you will be subjected to some wardrobe scrutiny. You might be told you can wear anything, but we all know that there are some things that if you put on to go to work, you can be given a nudge, be it big or small, in a more appreciated direction.

After a lot of thought and observation of the working masses, I thought I would revive the ‘How To’ posts by beginning with this interesting but sometimes difficult topic.
So how do you add personality to your office wardrobe?

1. Colour

This can come in the form of a single piece or an entire outfit. If you can opt for suits in a variety of colours not just the black, grey or navy type. Pick blouses (or tops) with your favourite colours to wear under your suit jacket.

A bright coloured blazer worn over a dark dress will not only instantly uplift your mood but will act as a statement piece and a good way for you to showcase your personality. If your office permits seperates and not necessarily a full suit, add a tuxedo blazer or a cape to the mix or one with a different cut from your usual.

2. Statement pieces

These include belts, necklaces, shoes, rings, earrings, scarves, handbags, ties, tie-clips, cufflinks, etc. I love statement pieces because they can be used all sorts of ways when it comes to your work wardrobe or for a night/day out. And the best part is, adding accessories to your arsenal is much easier than shopping for a whole new wardrobe. You can keep your clothes choices simple and elevate them with killer accessories.

3. Shoes

These are a very simple way of turning your outfit from ordinary to making it your own. You can add colour, print, make a statement through the style of shoes. Even when you opt for a basic black shoe, choose one that should you be forced into a shoe-inspection like when we were in school, yours will stand out (for a good reason!).

4. Make-up

 Photo Credit: Pinterest

OK, you argue that you don’t have much time to get all made up in the morning, but have you seen what a difference it makes to you and those around you when you are! I’m not advocating for made-up faces that completely transform who you are rather I am talking about those that highlight your best features. Do up your eyes with a subtle wing tip if that is what you want to highlight. Groom your eyebrows, add some colour to your outfit with some lipstick or paint your nails.
Bonus Tip: The more you do your own make-up the faster you get at it so it won’t be something you avoid on a Monday morning.

5. Hair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I love getting creative with my hair (although I am a bit lazy about it, but I am working on it). But choose hairstyles that aren’t what every second woman on the street will have. If you want Ghanaian lines, look online for a style that your hairdresser can replicate. Choose a short weave if you usually put long ones. Get a new haircut. Colour your hair if you’ve never tried it before.

Have these tips been useful? How else do you add personality to your work wardrobe? Do share in the comments below.

Thank you for stopping by.

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