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Monday Stylist


Outfit Details: Black A-line Skirt, White Tunic Shirt, Denim Tunic, Trench Coat, Suede Boots, Basket
Hi all!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend are all psyched for the new week. I just realized we have two more weeks before June is over! Where is time flying to? I’d really like it to slow down.
Anyway, are you freezing yet? I am. Every morning I’m left wondering what I should wear to keep warm and at the same time look good. I hate the dull cold-weather clothes that consist of drab sweaters and dull colours. I would love more options in prints and colours so I made up my mind to think a little about my clothes and how I can wear them throughout the cold weather.
Today I want to give you my tips on layering effectively so that you don’t end up looking frumpy and two times your body size.
1. Choose thinner layers.
One of the things I learnt the hard way is that when you want to put on maybe three or four layers of clothes, they should be thin enough to lie smoothly on each other. When I layer my clothes, I wear a vest or camisole first, then a fitting t-shirt, then a shirt or blouse or whatever outer clothing I was planning to wear that day.
The good thing about close-fitting clothes is that they help trap the heat your body is generating, keeping you warm from the inside out.
Photos taken at Nairobi Railway Museum. Stay tuned for a post this week.
2. Avoid edges that stick out
Depending on the neckline of your blouse or dress, choose layers that will not stick out from underneath making you look untidy. I remember in school when we would wear a t-shirt underneath out shirts and it would be visible for the whole world. For a more professional look, make sure your have no peeping straps, collars, sleeves or hemlines.
A good way of doing this is opting for V-Neck t-shirts and vests. This cut ensures that the collars are easier to hide.
3. Neutral colours
 This is especially important if you are wearing white. I love to wear blacks, whites, grey, chocolate brown or navy blue when I want to layer. These colours blend in very well. If I’m wearing white, the darker colours disappear into the background and go unnoticed.
4. Make use of your sleeveless tops
Now ladies, when it is this cold and you are wondering what to do with those sleeveless tops that kept you cool in January, have no fear. I found that sleeveless tunics and tops are ideal especially when you want to add colour to your outfit. 
In this outfit, I wore a white tunic shirt and layered a printed blue sleeveless denim tunic on top to add colour to my otherwise black and white outfit. That denim tunic really added to keeping me warm because as you can see, I didn’t wear another sweater but instead opted for a trench coat that kept me warm during the day and at night. 
5. Belts
I can never get enough of how handy belts can be. When I was younger I knew of two ways to wear a belt: to hold up my jeans and those belts that fell on my hips as decorative pieces.
I have since learnt that when I am wearing many layers, I can use a belt to hold everything in place and create a nice silhouette. I am not one of those girls who God blest with a flat tummy so I have learnt how to use belts, especially wide, elastic ones to create an illusion of one. 

6. Stockings, socks and leggings
It is also possible to layer your lower body. Leggings can be worn underneath your stockings (if you are wearing dark ones), jeans and formal trousers.
If you are wearing boots and are in need of some extra warmth, layer a pair of socks over your stockings and your toes will be nice and toasty all day long.
Side Note: I cut my hair almost two weeks ago and this is its debut. I like it although having had short hair only during my childhood, I kinda don’t know what to do with it.
I’m linking this post IFB’s #100 Project.
Do you have any more tips on how to layer? Let me know in the comments.
Happy Monday!!!


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  1. Yvonne Olga

    Awesome post! I think I will put in practice the tips you've given here because I have never pulled off a layered outfit.

  2. NoneYa

    Love the scenery here… Great tips on layering.
    It's warmer here…I don't envy you 🙂

  3. Audrey Masitsa

    Yvonne, I learnt after a lot of practice. It's great that you found it helpful especially with the cold in Nairobi.

  4. Audrey Masitsa

    Hahaha Gabrielle, I'm still trying to process how cold it is in Nairobi. But the railway museum was so unexpectedly enjoyable. Now to more adventures:)

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