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Audrey Masitsa, My Style

How My Style Has Changed Since I Became A Mum

Even though I have always put comfort at the forefront whenever I shopped or put an outfit together, I feel like my style has really evolved over the past 17 months. Since I try to spend as much time with baby girl as possible, I prefer fabrics that are easy to clean: hello cotton and bye-bye silk. Of course there are those times when I want to be a bit more dressed up, or that I come across a great item of clothing that isn’t cotton that I just love and can’t live without, lol. Those are the times when I put on a brave face and tell myself that if I stain my outfit, I am a mum and anybody who notices has to understand, haha! Colours were dark at first, mostly black, but I have started adding more to my closet and I’m currently obsessed with gold, mint green, white and my all-time favourites, pink  and black.
Because I am still breastfeeding, I have to ensure that whatever I wear makes for easy access. I need to either be able to unbutton or lift my tops. At first I wore a lot of skirts because pairing a skirt and top was easier than looking for dresses that had open fronts. But once I started moving around more, I added a couple, no, a large number of dresses to my wardrobe. What can I say I have a weak spot for dresses.

As I lost my baby weight and started feeling more and more myself, I began to experiment more, to wear those clothes I had been eyeing but I hadn’t gotten up my courage to wear: shift and wrap dresses, fitting skirts and dresses, crop tops, midi skirts and dresses and full skirts, etc. In the trousers department, I opted for trousers with high waistlines since I felt they held in the post-baby tummy more and didn’t press against my CS scar. I love flared trousers and of course my skinnies and boyfriend jeans. I have just acquired a new pair of high-waisted trousers and I’m on the lookout for either leather leggings or I would be happy with wet-look ones as an alternative.

In the jewellery department, I quickly discovered that with my choice of simpler outfits, statement pieces were my best bet if I wanted to make my outfits look chic and intentional (not like I just rolled out of bed). My dangling earrings quickly took a back burner once Elly discovered that she could pull them off. Rings and bangles/bracelets hurt me when I carried baby girl and my dangling necklaces plain broke. Now I opt for statement necklaces which I LOVE and can wear with anything from a wedding outfit to with jeans and a sweatshirt and turbans of course. I have also recently discovered how comfortable midi rings are.

Shoes-wise, heels just didn’t cut it particularly after Elly started walking. I couldn’t run after her in heels so I invested in a number of flat shoes.
All in all, I love where I am with my personal style now. I am more daring and I’m having fun with trends, within reason of course. And during my blogging break, I taught myself how to enjoy dressing not because I was going to take photos for the blog but to dress for me and because it makes me feel good.

Has any major life event changed your personal style? Is it better now or are you working on improving it?

Thank you for stopping by.

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