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How I’m teaching my daughter to break the bias

How I’m teaching my daughter to break the bias

While celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day and month, we were rudely reminded of how unsafe we are as women and how much further we have to go to bring down the patriarchy, break the bias and replace it with gender equity. 

Having a daughter brought into sharp focus how much I have to teach her how to both survive the patriarchy and make her mark in the world. 

Below are three lessons I’m teaching my daughter to #BreakTheBias

Speak up. Let your voice be heard

For generations women have been taught to be seen and not heard. Heeding this advice has been to our detriment. One thing I have started encouraging my daughter to do is to speak up. When I sense that she is hesitating to ask a question because she is unsure of my response, I remind her that it’s okay to speak up. I’m trying to create an environment where she knows that she can come to me with anything. When it comes to her school life, I understand that she’s not the noisy, outgoing type but I encourage her to overcome this tendency to revert to her comfort zone and instead, ask or answer questions, request for more time to complete her work if she needs it and to be more assertive among her classmates, saying no when she needs to. 

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You can achieve anything you set your sights on

Society might have created an environment that makes it harder for women to achieve professional or financial success but I’m teaching my daughter that with hard work and shutting your mind off to the critics and naysayers, you can achieve your wildest dreams. 

This was one of the best lessons my mum taught me. From a young age I knew that I wasn’t the top student in my class but she celebrated every win with me, no matter how small, and challenged me to do better each time. I’ve grown up with this attitude and I’m teaching my daughter the same. 

Celebrate those who came before you and pave the way for those who will come after you

Through my work I’ve been able to meet some resilient women who have overcome adversity and build amazing lives. I’ve been able to learn from and share my journey with them and, in the process, get some wonderful mentors and friends who I’m keen to learn from. I don’t take this for granted. 

I also hope that how I choose to live my life will pave the way to an easier life for my daughter and the generations that come after me.

I’m teaching my daughter the same, to celebrate all the amazing women who have started conversations on issues that affect women such as menstrual health, mental health, motherhood, career, poverty and incarceration of women and children, while ensuring that whatever she does with her life, will make an impact on the lives of her daughters and granddaughters.

How are you breaking the bias?

Thank you for stopping by.

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