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How I Got To Know My True Self

***I decided to revive the Inspiration column  because I realized that there are many times we struggle with understanding ourselves and the things that are happening to us. It takes a lot of courage to sit down and face yourself, to know who you really are and to love that person regardless of your faults. But when you do, you will be able to present your true self for others to know and love.

Until recently, I spent a lot of time going about the motions of life without knowing what I truly wanted. I took what I got and tried to be happy with it. Many times, I would end up disappointed at the chain of events that had taken place. I would spend many sleepless nights sitting up, wondering how I could have done things differently, how I would like to go back in time and change one or two things so that my present life would be different.
Having Elly has greatly changed my view on life. I have realized that I can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen: If I wasn’t happy with this or that friendship, I had to either find a way to repair it or put an end to it. I started seeing things more clearly. In fact, I remembered once having a plan for my life: I wanted to have a child, to have bought a home and to have a successful business by the time I was 26. Now 26 has come and in less than three months, I will be a year older and although I have not accomplished everything that I thought I would, I am happy to have finally come to my own.
Elly has taught me how to love unconditionally, how to forgive and move on, how to sacrifice for the one I love. It is this lesson (the latter) that has made me see what it is I expect from people I care about. I give but you must also give. I have received a clarity that has helped me redefine my relationships.
Not only that, I have finally seen that if I want something, I cannot just sit back and say, “Woe is me. The universe has not yet provided me with the tools necessary to get this dream off the table.” I had a conversation with someone a few months back and she told me that if I really want something, I will not use the excuse of life taking unexpected turns just to delay accomplishing what I want. She said that I should take what curve-balls life throws at me and use them to make my dreams into a reality. And with this knowledge I went ahead and expanded my clothing boutique. I still run it online but I now take larger orders for clothes and help people revamp their wardrobes as a personal shopper. I sell maternity wear and have recently included baby clothes and accessories. I have a vision for my business and I look forward to each morning because I know that every task I fulfill that day will bring me closer to what I want to achieve.

It has taken me years to reach this point but I have finally arrived. I know what I want from my life as a mum, a partner, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a businesswoman and I am not afraid to go for it. When that big reveal came about, I was afraid because it came with such clarity. I doubted a little. But I was so sure that it was what I wanted that fear did not have a place in my heart or my mind.
My challenge to you is this, no matter what is going on in your life at this very moment, make sure you take time off everyday to reconnect with yourself. Take a break from social media at least once a week (no Instagram!) and spend that time purely on yourself and your loved ones. And most important of all, pray. Pray like you never have before and you will find an inner peace that compares with nothing you have ever experienced. Take steps to get to know yourself and you will be amazed at the strides you make in fulfilling your life goals.

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