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Many women feel an enormous amount of pressure to be a certain size. What with the many advertisements and features in newspapers and magazines featuring women of a particular size, who can blame the hardworking African woman for doubting that she is beautiful? Even bloggers have fallen into the trap of touching up their photos so that they appear thinner, to appeal to the demands of their peers. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against these women. They are probably just bowing down and bending over backwards to conform to the demands of the Fashion industry.
In my opinion, a woman of any size is beautiful. A friend of mine once told me that she heard that Ugandan and South African men like a healthy looking woman.
Also African women have a different bone structure than women from other parts of the world. Thus you will need more muscle to support your bones, making you bigger than say European women. When I say big here I am not talking in terms of weight (that which increases and decreases due to your lifestyle). As an African woman you have curves that you should be proud of. Show them off! Do you see what celebrities do to themselves to increase hip, bust or lip size? So be proud of your large hips, heavy bust and full lips. They are a sign of beauty and cost some people a lot of money and pain to get.

Curvy Celebrities

Scarlet Johansson
Kim Catrall
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Simpson

So this weekend, embrace your curves and flaunt them!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
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