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Hello 2017

Happy new year to you all! And welcome back! I hope you have had a restful holiday.

So where have I been?
As you might have noticed, I haven’t been blogging or as active on social media because I haven’t been well. I don’t want to make this post a pity party so I won’t dwell on that too much. But it has been a bit of a challenge for me to work for the last month and a half. Nevertheless, I am getting better and for that I thank God.

 My plans for 2017
2017 is my year to work. I intend to do nothing but work, work, work. I want to grow professionally. I spent 2016 growing emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This year I want to use my newfound strength to improve my standing careerwise and of course financially. I know many people say that money is not the source of happiness but without money you will not be happy. I’m not saying that I am unhappy. On the contrary. I am very happy with the way my life is progressing. But I would like to grow financially because I have such dreams for my life and Elly’s so I feel I need to work extra hard at making these dreams a reality.

Regarding my blog and YouTube channel, I will continue putting up posts. This month, I would like to continue with the style challenge that I started in November. I will also resume some of the older segments that have been on the blog in the past years. If there’s anything in particular that you would like me to talk about, please do not hesitate to ask.

How do I plan to achieve these plans?
This post I wrote on how to achieve lasting new year’s resolutions is still my go to post this year. I want to avoid procrastinating, readily take up opportunities that are presented to me, work on ideas that I get and just plain hard work. I want to push myself a lot this year.

What are some of your goals for 2017? 

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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