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 Hi all! Today is my 25th birthday. This morning while I was saying my prayers, I could only thank God for the amazing gifts He has given me: my family, my darling boyfriend, my amazing friends, my talents and the opportunities He has given me.
 Life has been full of its ups and downs and I’m not shy to say that the challenges have been somewhat rough on me. I know everyone goes through this so it’s not unique. But I am happy that I have such a good support system that has gotten me through those dark days and nights.
Birthdays are supposed to be cheerful affairs. However, bearing in mind the recent happenings in Kenya, I have taken a somewhat subdued tone this year. My heart goes out to those who were injured, those who lost their lives and loved ones in the recent hostage situation at Westgate Mall, Nairobi. I pray for peace in my city, in my country and all over the world. Let us live in peace, love and harmony.
And for all of you my lovely fans, thank you for making my dream of getting into the fashion world a reality. Thank you for reading my blog and for the support.
Happy Monday!!
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