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Continuing with last month’s theme, I’ve decided to do a feature this month on good grooming. This will be posted every Thursday throughout the month of October. I believe good grooming is an essential part of being elegant and stylish. You can’t possibly wear good clothes and not be well groomed and expect to be admired.

Unkempt Weaves


One day, a few weeks ago, my little sister said to me, “Why don’t women with weaves comb their hair??” She then went ahead to point out to me several women in the matatu (a minivan used as a public means of transport) whose weaves looked completely unkempt.

 OK, I don’t quite fancy weaves but I really admire them on people’s heads. I put one on half my head and swore never to do it again. But methinks (I’ve been looking for a way of using this word) if you are willing to cough up copious amounts of money to buy and put a weave on your head, you should also invest that much time in its care. Pass a comb through it before you step out of the house to remove tangles and the flatness caused by sleep.

Regular Wash

 Shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis.

And because our African hair demands constant oiling, this oil attracts dust particles making your hair dirty faster when it’s hot and dusty like now. This also applies to the men! I get so disturbed when I spot a well dressed guy with hair that is clearly dirty.

Regular Trim

For the guys, go for a haircut as often as you can unless your chosen hair do is an afro or ponytail. As you get your hair cut, get your beard and mustache trimmed and shaped for an extra polished look.

For the girls, a regular trim of split ends will make it so much easier to comb your hair because you won’t have unnecessary tangles. And not only will your hair be even and neat, but it will grow faster.

Of Braids, Cornrows and Dreadlocks
I don’t like having my hair out for too long so having it in any of the above forms is my favourite. Braids lose their sheen after some time. I find that after a month or two, they start looking dead and even if you repair around your hairline, they still look old.

Cornrows, when well done make me want to run to the nearest salon and get  a similar hair style done. There are so many different ways of getting this done. My advice is to choose styles that compliment the shape of your face and are appropriate for the work you do. Not everything that looks good on one person will look good on you.
Dreadlocks are so common now and apart from the constant locking that you have to go for, ensure you wash your hair on a regular basis. Just because you have dreadlocks doesn’t mean your hair should be dirty.


Having a regular hairdresser that you go to is very important. Find someone who you can easily relate to and speak to freely about what works or doesn’t work for you. 
The hygiene of the salon and how they treat their customers, is a tell-tale sign of the kind of service you should expect.
If you can, do what I do. I taught myself how to effectively care for my hair. I learnt how to relax my hair, wash, treat and blowdry it (I hate sitting under a drier) and I can braid my own hair. Now I hardly go to the salon and I’ve ended up saving quite a bit.

What other hair grooming tips do you know of. Please share as I’d like to add to  my bank of knowledge.

I’m so glad the week is coming to an end!! My little sister is graduating from high school tomorrow. I have a mixture of feelings; I’m so excited for her and I feel so old!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

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    I'm loving Keri hairstyle it's very cute. It's a style you can rock any date and stay look fabulous.

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