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Continuing with last month’s theme, I’ve decided to do a feature this month on good grooming. This will be posted every Thursday throughout the month of October. I believe good grooming is an essential part of being elegant and stylish. You can’t possibly wear good clothes and not be well groomed and expect to be admired.

Hi all!!! It’s almost the weekend!! Yay:) This is the third post in the Good Grooming series. I posted about taking good care of your hair and nails and now I think it’s essential to touch on the small matter of general cleanliness.
Ok, so I take it for granted that everyone takes a bath/shower at least once a day. But after sitting in matatus each morning, I’m beginning to doubt. 
Regular Bath
Taking a bath is a very easy process. Even with the shortage of water, one can have a French bath.
I read in one newspaper some time ago, that in order to maintain freshness throughout the day, the way you take your bath, matters a lot. Scrubbing yourself with a loafer twice not only gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells but also makes you feel extra fresh. 
Deodorant. Anti-Perspirant. Perfume.
I usually go for an anti-perspirant to help curb the smell of perspiration (I was told ladies don’t sweat, they perspire!). Some people say anti-perspirants aren’t healthy but they work well for me. I use Nivea spray. I don’t like roll-on but it’s another option.
I find that deodorant doesn’t help with perspiration. Many of them have a very strong smell and then when mixed with perspiration, it results in a very suffocating smell. I’d use just a little of this in place of perfume.
Perfumes are in abundance in the Kenyan market. They come in a wide range of scents and prices. I think it’s good to get a signature scent, one that can be easily associated with you. I don’t have a signature scent yet, but I’m in the market for one.
i2s Extras

  • Talcum Powder or baby powder. I learnt this trick from my mum. Applying powder after spraying yourself increases dryness. Powder also absorbs sweat from your armpits, and other folds in the body. And its perfume combined with your spray or roll-on can give you a certain scent which can also be your signature scent. 
  •  Bearing in mind that yesterday was International Hand Washing Day, I’ve become more aware of how often and the procedure I use when I wash my hands. But sometimes there is water and no soap. So a sanitizer comes in handy. They don’t cost too much and they are very helpful when you have to clean your hands in an emergency.
  •  Face wipes are good for cleansing your face and neck during the day. I find them especially useful because I don’t usually wash my face with soap. I prefer facewash. And when I need to freshen up wipes are very good.

What other general cleanliness tips do you have? I’d love to know. Leave them in the comments below.
Happy Thursday!!!
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