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Audrey Masitsa, Hair and Beauty

Gold Nail Polish

I don’t like having short nails. I think they make my fingers look fat!!!! (Not that that’s a bad thing) But I have a thing for long nails, not talons like Cruella Deville in 101 Dalmations!! And I’m also not a big fun of anything gold. I find gold jewellery too flashy and having grown up in Nairobi I fear wearing anything that looks like gold cause it could be snatched from me (as has happened to many people).
Anyway some time back I bought this gold nail polish to fix a pair of shoes that had experienced an Indian summer and were suffering from the consequences of the heat and humidity. And after I was done I started wondering what else I could do with my still full gold nail polish.
Having recently acquired contacts, I’ve been instructed to keep my nails short so that I don’t scratch the lens when putting on and removing the contacts. There I was stuck with short nails and gold nail polish. So in a bid to make my nails more interesting, I decided to paint them gold and it turns out I really like how they look. Here are some pics!!

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