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Morning all!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I had a good one. I spent it bonding with mum and had a blast doing it. On Saturday I had a doctor’s appointment to which I dragged her. Then we had a few errands to run. In the process of we shopped!! What’s an afternoon spent with mum without a little shopping!!! I bought an envelope clutch and a blouse to wear to work. She got a make-up bag and half-sweater. (Pics will be up later)
A couple of weeks ago, my friend asked me how he can update his suits so that he stays on trend. I was very flattered to be asked this because I still consider me a student of fashion, style and body image. I told him I would get back to him once I had verified the ideas I had. I thus decided to do a post on this because I think some gentlemen may have the same question.
At the moment, fitting trousers are the in thing for men. When I say fitting, I don’t mean skin tight like a woman’s leggings although I have seen a number of guys wearing extremely fitting trousers which leaves me wondering…anyway that’s for another day. Fitting trousers here refers to those that fall straight on your legs and are not baggy. 
These are those shoes whose upper part looks shiny. Depending on your personal preference, go for pointy-toe shoes or round-toed ones. If patent leather shoes aren’t your style, go for the leather ones but in a similar, modern style.
An easier, cheaper way to update your suits is to wear shirts whose colours are in fashion. I’d say, for a man, steer away from the classic white shirt and go for blues, blacks, charcoal grey and navy blue. I also like a man in a pink or purple shirt, depending on how the colour matches your complexion, but some people may not agree with me. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. 
Ok, not everybody can pull off a bow-tie, I know. But if you are daring enough or want to stand out from the crowd, I say go for it. In case you are attending a formal dinner, pair your suit with a matching colour bow-tie for a classic Red Carpet look.
The shape and size of ties also evolves. At the moment, slim ties are in and I love how they look when paired with a suit. Changing your tie is another easy way to update your suit. You can also be adventurous with the pattern on your tie and its colour. I have a friend who has really cute cartoon characters on his ties, which I adore!! 

 All images via Pinterest
Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!!!

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