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**** In this post I’ll be writing about different aspects of men’s dressing (and clothing), as well as current trends for guys  as a response/ request from Sudi who wrote: But please don’t forget the men. There are a whole lot of us out there that need advise when it comes to fashion.  I will also give you some styling ideas using items of clothing that are already in your wardrobe as much as possible. Previous posts include the need for men to dress up too and celebrity muse.

It’s important to make a clear distinction between formal and casual clothes. There’s nothing more embarrassing than arriving at a function either under-dressed or over-dressed. For men the line between formal and casual is quite thin therefore it’s commonplace for you to be excused when you appear at a function “inappropriately” dressed. But I think it’s important to know the distinction between the two, especially when you are job-hunting.
For starters I’ve been reading in this website that speaks about the different types of menswear and goes into great detail about suits, ties, dress shirts etc.. For the sake of this article I’d recommend reading about the dress shirt. This is more commonly known as the formal shirt with buttons from the neck down. The more formal ones are long-sleeved and are to be worn with suit jackets although they can be worn more casually. Short sleeved shirts are meant to be casual and shouldn’t be worn with suit jackets.

Images from

They go further describe different types of collars from turn-down collars which are usually more common and wing collars which you see worn with the tuxedo.

They also talk about the different cuffs i.e. button cuffs and French cuffs (those fastened with cufflinks).

French Cuff

Button Cuff
It’s very important to get the fit of the shirt right. In today’s market there are slim-fit shirts and the other looser versions. The choice of shirt is always up to the wearer. If you are really into following trends the slim-fit shirt is your current option. 

Whether you choose to wear a striped, checked or plain that is up to you. What you need to remember is that you should coordinate the colour of your shirt, suit, tie and shoes (and also socks!).

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