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Hi all!!
Last month I had one of those low moments when all I wanted to do was spend hours and hours in bed and forget about the world. I didn’t think there would be an end to my search for a new job. What made matters worse was my realization that my CV was all wrong. I was marketing myself poorly and had probably missed many opportunities. After spending hours rebranding and coming up with new adjectives to describe myself, I went a step further and looked outside the box. The traditional way of doing things is great and all but I needed to think of new ways to turn what seemed like bleak future bright.
What am I trying to say here? Sometimes we get stuck doing things the old way, the traditional way. And when we don’t get a positive response we spend hours and hours blaming others, blaming God, blaming ourselves. I’m not going to preach here.That is not why I blog. I blog to inspire you, to give hope and new ideas to people who, like me, are trying to curve a niche for themselves. 
As we go about life pursuing our dreams, we often forget that we can put all the effort we want in “pimiping” our CV/resume, in making our selves stand out from the crowd, but without God’s help all our efforts will be in vain. I had to reach the point of wondering why I put in so much effort, to almost giving up, before I discovered this. I gave God a few extra minutes every morning and evening, tried to pay more attention when I said my prayers and went to church and this week I have seen a big improvement.
My outlook on the world is more hopeful, I am more at peace and I work better each day.
Hard work and prayer go hand in hand. As you pursue your dreams, do not forget to say a short prayer asking the Almighty to guide you to your destiny.
What has your experience been in such circumstances? Share them below.
Happy Thursday!!
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