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Fashion trends I’m loving in 2021

Fashion trends I’m loving in 2021
inches to style fashion trends 2021
I fell in love with fashion as a child and this blog became my outlet. I love experimenting with clothes, trends, fabrics and over the years, I have settled in my preferred style preferences and these play a big role in my outfit and purchasing choices. This, however, doesn’t mean that I am averse to fashion trends. I look to them for ideas on how to update my wardrobe and style my pieces anew. While I don’t buy heavily into trendy pieces, I will consider and purchase pieces that I know I love and can wear for a few years, even after the trend has passed.
That being said, with 2020/2021 bringing change in how we consume fashion – we spent a year cooped up indoors and hence had no need for fancy clothes and shoes – I must say that there are some trends that I have fallen in love with and can hardly wait to get my hands on.
Let’s get into it.
(Photo: Pinterest/Style Pantry)


1. Wide-leg trousers
I love slim fit trousers and skinny jeans. I love how versatile they are and I honestly believe they look great on anyone.
Wide-leg trousers on the other hand, bring a whole new silhouette to your closet. They are extremely comfortable, can be worn at home or to the office and come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours.
Style tips:
For a flattering look, opt for those that are high-waisted, and whose length hits you at the most flattering point. When it comes to styling, you can pair wide-leg trousers with a fitted t-shirt tucked in and a belt around your waist. Alternatively, pair them with a loose-fitting shirt for a more relaxed look. Adding a belt over the shirt will cinch in the waist and create a more flattering silhouette.
(Photo: Pinterest/Jen Jean-Pierre)


2. Flared jeans
You can be sure that jeans had to feature on this list. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of flared jeans and I just can’t seem to fall out of love with this trend. My most recent pair of light-wash flared jeans don’t fit as well as they used to so I promised myself that I would buy at least two new ones, of different washes of course!
Style tips:
Like wide-leg trousers, I prefer high-waisted flared jeans. Since they fit over the hips and then flare out at the knee, you can play around when styling them. Opt for crop tops, tucked in shirts and t-shirts, blazers and cardigans, etc.
(Photo: Instagram)


3. Chunky boots
I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures so that I can bust out my boots, tee hee. And, I want to add a few more pairs to my collection this year. One such style will definitely be chunky boots. I have high-heeled chunky boots but I can’t wear these as often as I would like. So I am on the hunt for flat chunky boots.
Style tips: 
From how I have seen these boots styled online, they can be worn with just about anything. I know I will pair them with my skinny jeans and over stockings worn with dresses once the temperatures cool down.
(Photo: Pinterest/Ashley Parke)


4. Puff sleeves
This is a 2020 trend that is still going strong this year. I love the old-school vibe of a blouse with puff sleeves. They have a romantic edge to them.
Style tips:
Puff sleeves add a feminine flare to any outfit. Since these blouses are a statement on their own, keep the rest of the outfit simple. A nice pair of black fitted trousers or straight-leg jeans would pair well with puff sleeves. If you’re feeling more adventurous, pair them with the flared jeans or opt for a dress with puff sleeves.
(Photo: Pinterest/Klozetstyle)


5. Wide belt
After I became a mum, I stopped wearing big belts. I didn’t like how they sat across my mummy-tummy so I steered away from them. But over the past year, I realised that some dresses look better when paired with a wide belt so I have acquired to to start with.
If, like me, you’re hesitant about wearing a big belt across your waist, try on different size belts to determine which one suits you best.
(Photo: Pinterest/Aritzia)


6. T-shirt with shoulder pads
Okay, let’s get a little retro. I’m not a huge fan of shoulder pads but I will admit that I have seen and admired t-shirts with shoulder pads during the rounds.
Style tips:
Get a t-shirt that fits well over the rest of your torso so that the shoulder pads stand out. Pair it with trousers or skirts of your choice, dressed up or down for an updated take on your favourite jeans and a t-shirt outfit.
Which trends are you excited for this year?
Thank you for stopping by.
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