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Hello lovelies!! I  hope you had a great weekend. What were you upto? I attended the FAB Expo 2012. This being my first event in the Kenyan fashion scene I was both excited and a little afraid to put myself (read my blog) out there.
I met FAFA Emerging Designers contestant and winner Jamil Walji who is a very sweet guy.

Image courtesy of Dressupnation
Jamil has great designs that I couldn’t stop admiring. One in particular drew my attention mostly because of my love for all things maxi and the uniqe look of the gown.
This particular design is influenced by the Walibi Tribe in Niger. Jamil was attracted by the print on their dance costumes, which he incorporated into his designs.
Here are a few more of his designs.
Images via
You can link up with Jamil on Facebook page, Jamil Walji Couture.
Happy Monday!!!

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