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Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was good. I woke up refreshed and energized for the new week (for a change). My laptop is giving me headaches once again!! I’m so fed up with it, I’m about to through it in the trash!!!
I wore this outfit last Friday to run some errands. It was mum’s birthday and as I was wondering what special something to do for her I got a brainwave. When we (my siblings and I) were younger, mum used to buy us flowers and send to class. This little gesture made us feel so special and I think we were the envy of our friends. So on this day I decided to do something similar. I quickly ran to the flower shop and bought her a bunch of roses and went by her office, she’s a teacher at the same school I wen to and surprised her. I think she was pleasantly surprised. We had never done anything like that for her before.
To run errands, comfort is of extreme importance. So I chose to wear my red leggings, a black sweater tunic and my brown boots. When I wore these leggings I felt like one of Santa’s elves. I have no idea why!!!
I wore my beige statement necklace, and loop earrings and carried a beige and brown handbag to complete the outfit.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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