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DRESSED IN: Purple Pink and Brass

I am obsessed with pink!! Is there a Pink Anonymous somewhere? I don’t know what to do to cure myself of this. But it’s a good change from being addicted to black which mum says means I’m depressed!
So I chose this outfit last Saturday when we had a celebration in church. I didn’t want to wear black, as is my standard go to outfit for major events, see here and here. I paired these grey pants (the bottom half of a suit I pretty much never wear), with a purple sweater top. I always wear something cotton underneath my sweaters, so this time I went for a checked blouse. The checks are pink, purple and grey.

 I put two statement necklaces together like I did here and wore matching earrings. For my hands I picked up these brass bracelets that I absolutely love and are so traditionally Indian, and added a ring. I carried my metallic clutch.

I added a belt around my waist to and pink peep-toe heels worn here.

 Because I was wearing my contacts, I decided to wear these pink aviators.

Outfit Details:
Pants: gift from Mum
Sweater top: Ngara, Nairobi
Blouse: India
Heels: India
Clutch: Nairobi streets (50 bob!!!)
Bangles: India
Ring: borrowed
Earrings and necklace set: India
Belt: India
Aviators: India (for sale within Nairobi)
Hope you are having a great Thursday!!

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