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There is nothing as beautiful as the African sky when it’s warm out. The sky is so blue and in the outskirts of the Central Business District (CBD) pollution is at a minimum so not only is your view of the sky unhindered by pollution but the freshness of the air makes you want nothing to do with the CBD. I enjoy this peacefulness of the countryside every day but mostly on Sundays when I take my weekly walk. 
The sun was so bright.

The last few days I have been enjoying this beauty of our country. Despite the fact that my skin colour changed after a brisk walk in the sun last Wednesday, I have thoroughly enjoyed the weather. To capitalize on that, my summer dresses have been beckoning. Even though I tried to wear them when it was cold, I prefer to wear them now.

Outfit Details:
Maxi dress: Sarojini Market, New Delhi
Sweater: Sarojini Market, New Delhi
Cross body bag: Sarojini Market, New Delhi
Flats: Kamla Nagar Market, Delhi
Earrings: Moi Avenue, Nairobi
Necklaces and bracelets: gifts

What do you prefer to wear when the weather is warmer??? Are you a dresses or trousers person?
Happy Tuesday!!!!
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