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 **** This post was meant to be up last week but due to technical issues, I was unable to post it.
Hi!!! It’s so cold today and yet I thought we had started the month on a warmer note. Oh well, what to do???

I’ve read so many blog posts on how to wear sequins during the day. I’ve always wanted to try it out but when the sun is shining at its maximum, you don’t want to be responsible for blinding everyone on the streets. Then my sister (I have two by the way), bought this sequined scarf and I couldn’t wait to include it in my outfits.
I wore this outfit to class, a brown maxi dress with lots of blue (turtle-neck, belt, sequined scarf). I added a black blazer for protection against the cold, stocking and flats. I carried a brown hand bag and wore brown earrings. 

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress: Sarojini Market, India
Turtleneck: Chandigarh, India
Belt, scarf, handbag, earrings: gifts

 Next month I celebrate my one year anniversary since I started blogging. In order to prepare to mark this time when I started doing something I love, I’d like to post a few things related to my blog. First off, I’d like to let you know more about the reason I started blogging. It’s important to notice things in the society and want to see a change. but that change has to come from you, as an individual. Something I’ve wanted to see a change in is fashion, style and elegance in the Kenyan society. This is why I started Inches To Style
Shasie of Live Life In Style has some cute headbands that I’d really like to own.
When the weather is as it is scarves can come in handy. They are easy to put on and off and they can be used to add a little something to your outfit. Jenni of I Spy DIY gives a great tutorial on making a fringe scarf.

In my challenge to add colour to my outfits, I found Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen‘s red and turquoise outfit so inspiring that I’m going to try it out.

Accessories can become overused and uninspiring when used over a long period of time. Finding new ways to mix them up like these featured in The Chic Sheet can be fun and exciting.

I don’t follow designers so much but from time to time it’s good to see some designs that may be out of reach (e.g. couture) but still give you more reason to dress up. Mikki of Stylish Obsessions picked a few photos of Valentino’s show-case that I can’t stop thinking about.

Happy Thursday!!!

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