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Hi all!!! It’s Friday and I’m so excited for the weekend. I haven’t yet decide what to do with myself yet but I think I’ll take things slow for this one and recharge my batteries.
I wore this dress on Monday. I had gone shopping with my mum and sister some time back and I bought so many dresses!! I’m doing a complete wardrobe overhaul and this time I’m focussing more on dresses and skirts for a more feminine look.

When I wore this dress, my brother went like, “You’re only wearing a coat!!! What if it gets caught in the bus of something?” I laughed at the scene of me trying to protect my dignity, but with the layers of clothes I usually wear, I had nothing to worry about.
Outfit Details: 
Dress: Gikomba Market, Nairobi
Wedges: Moi Avenue Nairobi
Bag: from mum
Scarf: from mum
Leopard print belt: Gikomba Market
Earrings: gift

 I wasn’t sure on whether or not I liked this dress, but mum really insisted that I buy it. And when I tried it on it fit so well I fell in love with it.
Oh and I finally did my hair. This is my attempt at making box braids. They’re still new so I can’t style them too much. For now I’m keeping it simple in buns at the nape of my neck.

What’s your take on this dress?

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Unknown

    l love the dress

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    @crochetdyverse Thank you!! Now I'm more encouraged to wear it.

  3. Unknown

    I love this look!

    I've nominated you for the leibster award on my blog! It's a great way to meet new bloggers and it's a lot of fun!

  4. Audrey Masitsa

    @Jayne Wilson Thank you Jayne!!! Hugs:-)

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