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 After living in a place where the weather was more or less defined i.e when it’s cold, it’s cold and when it’s hot it’s hot, I find it a little difficult to know what to wear in the cold season of Nairobi. Some days are hot and others are warmer and others are just sweltering!! But some days last week were dam cold!! On Wednesday I had to go to college to sort out my units and I couldn’t decide on what to wear. I wanted to wear these blue pants which I haven’t worn in a while and since they fit (too fitting for the Fashion Cops), I decided to pair it with this maroon tunic and my grey trench-coat. Of course I layered like nobody’s business but on the bright side, I was warm throughout the day. And as the weather was more or less stable the whole day, I didn’t need to remove any layers.
 As I didn’t want to be stopped on account of my outfit being “too tight”, I kept my coat on.

I accessorised with red earrings, black and silver necklace, black leather bag that I took from my mum and black ballet flats.

 Outfit Details:
Pants: Trade Fair, Chandigarh, India
Tunic, Priya, New Delhi, India
Flats: Chandigarh, India
Bag: taken from mum
Earrings: gift, which I in turn gifted someone else

When it comes to caring for a trench coat I’m a bit stuck. I bought mine over a short period of time and I hope to keep them for a long time. These are some of the items I term as investment pieces. I know you should dry clean them at the end of the season, before storage and remove loose dust after each wear. I have a problem with lint on my black coats because of some of my sweaters and scarves. I urgently need a lint brush!! How do you care for your trench coats?
Happy Wednesday

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