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I know Father’s Day was like a month ago but I hadn’t gotten round to posting what I wore on that day. It was a Sunday which for me meant Church. We also had guests on this day and we (the children of both families) decided to make a fuss about Fathers’ Day for once. So we organized a lunch with drinks and cake after lunch to celebrate the three fathers in the family. As we were celebrating, it crossed our minds that we had never done anything like this before. We always remember to celebrate our mothers and to thank them for all the sacrifices they’ve made for us. However, we often forget our fathers and their sacrifices pass unnoticed. Have you ever thought of the last time you tried to surprise your dad? I honestly don’t. I just know that when we were younger we tried our level best to make his birthday special. This was a little hard to accomplish because he would end up paying for his own gift and cake. But now that we are older and more aware, I’ll make sure we do something special for Fathers’ Day. He won’t be around forever and there’s nothing as bad as saying, “I wish I had spent more time with him.”
I chose this outfit because I wanted something warm; it was very cold on this particular Sunday, smart because of church and comfortable seeing as I was the one in-charge of the cooking and cleaning up. I wore a black a-line skirt last worn here, with an off-white, off-shoulder sweater which I tucked in. I added a belt, thick stockings, ankle boots, bangles and statement earrings which were a gift from my cousin. I carried my brown quilted bag.

I’d like an honest opinion, how do these boots look when worn with a short skirt. This is the first time I’m wearing them like this and I’m still uncertain on the outcome. Criticisms and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Outfit Details:
Skirt: India
Sweater: Gikomba, Nairobi (50 Shillings)
Stockings: Sarojini Market, India
Boots: gift
Earrings: gift
Bangles: Sarojini Market, India
Handbag: Sarojini Market, India
Have an awesome weekend. I’m headed for the FAB 2012 Expo on Saturday and a graduation party on Sunday. What are your plans this weekend?
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Happy Friday!!!


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