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Monday Stylist


Hi all!
I have been attempting to watch Tujuane for a while now and it got me thinking, how do women choose what to wear to a first date? Are there any guidelines on what is appropriate or not for that first time meeting with a potential better half?
Below I give 6 tips on what to ask yourself when you are getting dressed for that first date.

1.       Where are you going?
I usually think it is best to know the nature of your date beforehand so that you are not caught off-guard. Depending on how well you know each other, ask where you will be going, whether it is a dinner date or a movie date? How should you be dressed?
Consider what you will be doing on that day be it watching the latest movie in 3D, eating nyama choma or having a formal dinner. A more formal affair calls for a dress, heels and a clutch whereas for a casual date you can get away with wearing jeans and a dressy top and some flats or wedges. 
A cute first date outfit featuring ballet flats

2.       What do you love most about your body?
You know how one day Orie Rogo Manduli was captured on TV saying, if you’ve got it flaunt it, I think in those same lines too. Wear something that best flatters your best features. How do you do this? Prints and bright colors draw the attention of anyone who is observing you. Consider those colors that people say look good on you for example I have been told that I look good in purples and pinks and certain shades of yellow. Those are the colors you should wear to boost you confidence during your first date. If you have that coveted tiny waist, flaunt it with a statement belt around your waist. 

Dressed up denim

3.       When is your date scheduled for?
Will you be going directly after work or over the weekend? This will determine what you wear to work that day. You might want to change after work into a more appropriate outfit or you might consider wearing the same thing to work but change your accessories. For instance, a black pencil skirt and peplum top worn to work can be easily dressed up with a statement necklace, a pair of stiletto heels and a clutch bag. Remember to leave you work bag with a friend or in the office.
If your date is at any other time, you have the opportunity to organize yourself, take a shower and leave the house dressed ready to have a good time.

A simple outfit that can be transitioned from day to night

4.       What is your preferred style?
When you are going to meet someone for the first time, you want to give a good impression and ensure your date knows the real you. If you would not be caught dead in a sequin dress, please do not wear it just because your friend told you to.
You will be nervous enough meeting a new person so if you dress in a way that suits who you are and your personality, you have one less thing to worry about.
A simple yet chic outfit that shows just enough

5.       What is too much?
There is a craze among Kenyan women to show as much cleavage as possible. Firstly, I don’t support this. However, if you are one of those women who is comfortable wearing a low neckline, avoid this on a first date. First impressions really matter. I have heard it from many men that they are turned off by this show of too much cleavage. Think that he might be thinking of taking this new girl home to meet his mum. No real man wants to take home a girl who doesn’t know what should remain between them e.g. cleavage or too much leg is a turn off. This is the hard truth ladies but it is good for someone to tell us and luckily for me, my guy friends and even my boyfriend stood up and told me, hey, tell you fellow ladies this is not working for us!!
So avoid that really low cut top or dress that is too short. Keep it classy and you are sure to get that call for a second date.

A smokey eye, glossed lips and neutral colored accessories

6.       What about hair and accessories?
Simplicity is key! Unless you are Penelope Garcia, do not go all out on a first date. Minimize on you accessories and pick only those pieces that will enhance your outfit: a belt, a pair of simple earrings, maybe a chunky bracelet. Avoid too many bangles or bracelets because these will be distractive.
There are a wide variety of shoes you can wear to a date from pumps to stilettos to flats and brogues. Choose those shoes that are most appropriate for your outfit and what you will be doing on your date. I have seen girls teetering on their heels while strolling at the Animal Orphanage. I always feel like taking them aside and telling them to save those heels for a lunch or dinner date.
Keep your make-up simple as well. Wear basic eyeliner, a light lipstick or gloss and powder. Avoid bold lips if you are going to be eating because it tends to get messy. Be as natural as possible so that you are not a totally different person when your date picks you up for a hiking trip.

What other questions do you ask yourself when you are dressing for a first date? What do you wear to impress that guy you have secretly been admiring?
Happy Tuesday!!!
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