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Don’t Stop Believing

I was going through Twitter this morning and I came across this video by Tyler Perry and I thought I had to share it with you.

I started this blog as a way for me to figure out what I really liked and to see whether I could make a career out of it. It’s been up and running since September last year and so far I’ve managed to more or less see the beginnings of my vision for it. But I know I have a long way to go to achieve my goals and I will have to struggle and brave the various obstacles on my path before I reach there.
When you are struggling to make a dream into a reality, many times you’ll hear people telling you how you shouldn’t go through with it or that you will fail or that the struggle isn’t worth it. However, I’ve learnt that people can let their jealousy, envy or fear of the unknown get the better of them and even without realizing it they can guide you towards not fulfilling your destiny.
While listening to Tyler Perry I realized that many of the things he is saying are true. For example instead of directing my energies towards so many dreams, I should focus on one and work on making it a reality. And when you feel that all your efforts are not bearing fruits, listen to that little voice inside you that is urging you on.  Believe and everything will come to pass as long as you put in that effort and you don’t just sit and wait for your dreams to become a reality.
Would you dare to dream and go against the grain as you work towards making your dreams into realities?

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