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Audrey Masitsa, My Style

Denim Pencil Skirt + Tan Ankle Boots

There are a few trends that make my heart skip a beat and a good denim pencil skirt is one of them. Pair it with tan ankle boots (this year’s winter colour) and the outfit stands out even more. Now that I spend a lot of time working out of home, I have managed to give many of my clothes some good mileage. Take this skirt for example, I think I have worn it three times in the last three months. It might not seem like much, but for me it is. My sisters are always teasing me that I can take months before I have re-worn an item of clothing, save my jeans.
Now that the weather is warmer, pairing this denim skirt with tights seems to have be too much, but it was kinda cold when I wore this outfit. The tights were new and a dark blue and I just had to wear them before the weather completely changed.

This past weekend brought with it a few surprises in the wardrobe department. I managed to add not one but two more denim skirts to my wardrobe. I think one is more of chambray but hey, whose asking?! I will share them here soon.
I also celebrated Elly’s 18-month birthday last Friday and my 4-year blogging anniversary on Saturday. This time I chose to keep the celebrations low-key.
I hope you had a good weekend and are one week closer to seeing your dreams come true.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

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