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Decor: Throw Rugs

 I like looking for ways to make home decor more interesting, and out of the box, and throw rugs are just that, an extra that you can use to further express your personal style.
Throw rugs or blankets add patterns, colour and of course a feeling of warmth particularly now that Nairobi is very cold so you can use the throw rugs to keep warm during the day without needing to get into your bed. And the beauty about throw rugs is that they aren’t too complicated to find. You can make do with a big, warm shawl or maasai blankets and if you want to feel luxurious, you can add a faux fur throw to your bed or couch.

How to use throw rugs

  • Use them to protect your seats, especially if  you have light coloured seats and children
  • Place a colourful throw on the backs of your seat to add colour to neutral furniture or an upholstered headboard
  • Drape a throw across the end of your bed making the bedroom look more personal
  • For a warm, cozy, relaxed feel, drape a throw rug on your couch. Don’t worry too much about it falling perfectly

Tip: To create contrast, add a printed throw to a plain couch or over plain bedding and a plain coloured throw over printed bedding or couch.

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