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Decor: How To Use Mirrors While Decorating

Before I became keen on decor, that is before I got my own living space, I thought mirrors were only useful in the bathroom or on the inside of a wardrobe so that I could use them while getting ready. But as I started reading more and more blogs, I learned that mirrors can also be used decoratively.

What are the benefits of using mirrors while decorating?

  • Mirrors reflect light making your rooms appear brighter. 
  • They open up spaces making smaller rooms appear larger
  • Mirrors enhance decor by reflecting and emphasizing views, colours from art and adjacent walls

What sort of mirrors should you use for decorating? 
You can use any style of mirror while decorating. The shape and size will be determined by the space where you want to put the mirror. Larger mirrors will look great on wider walls whereas narrower and smaller mirrors will look good on smaller/narrower walls and surfaces.

How do I use mirrors while decorating?

  • To make smaller rooms appear 
  • Place mirrors strategically to reflect interesting features and/or reflect light. Avoid placing them in a place where they reflect clutter.
  • You can place a large, narrow mirror on the floor of your bedroom or in the corner of a room 
  • Use mirrors in corridors and stairways to widen the space.
  • Place a mirror above your dining table to enlarge the room and reflect light from your bulb making the room brighter
  • Instead of using an ordinary mirror on your vanity (dressing table) get a larger mirror with an ornamental frame that will also serve as a decorative fixture on your wall.

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Would you use mirrors as a part of your home decor? Do share how in the comments below.

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