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Decor: 15 Statement Wall Ideas

Growing up walls were one colour throughout the house, a shade of white. If you were lucky then maybe you’d get one bedroom with blue walls and the other with pink walls. But now, it’s absolutely possible to have not just one but a statement wall in every room of your house.

What is a statement wall?
A statement wall is a bold, striking feature on your wall that stands out in your home or office. It starts a conversation. A statement wall can be full of colour or print depending on your preference.

Useful tips for creating statement walls

  • You can create a statement wall by simply painting one wall a contrasting colour from the rest of the walls in any particular room for example red, black, dark blue. yellow, etc.
  • Either paint on or use wall paper to get the desired look.
  • Statement walls can be used to add colour to an otherwise plain room, especially if your furnishings are plain.
  • Prints are also a fun way to make a statement. Choose between stripes, floral prints, abstract art or geometric shapes.
  • Smaller, more subtle prints are great for bedrooms as they are more relaxing for instance, stars for a bedroom wall, especially for children.
  • Framed photographs, quotes and other wall hangings can be put up on one wall to make a statement.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

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