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CURRENT FIXATIONS: I believe In You~Il Divo feat. Celine Dion

These few days I’ve been nursing myself back to health so I decided to take a little break from outfit posts (which I had decided to make more regular) and do more styling posts and write a little about body image. However when I can I’ll try to make a few outfit posts. I’m spending my time catching up on my reading and a few other organizational issues that I’ve had pending.
Anyway, back to today’s post, I was reading some very inspirational post today and this Il Divo song popped into my head. I love Il Divo. Their music is just epic! Add a collaboration with Celine Dion, one of my all time favourite female musicians and you get a masterpiece.
I used to sing a lot in high school and  a few years after that and I think I got so used to an all female choir that any time I heard an all male choir or a mixed one,  I was awed by the male voices. I’m an out of practice soprano so you can understand my obsession over voices that I can’t sing.
In the past I sang as a way to relax and I also because I enjoyed it. In those days, my stress levels were down and nothing fazed me. I’m not sure why I stopped but there’s nobody to blame but me. This year, I picked it up again and wow wasn’t I shocked to hear the horrible sounds coming from my vocal chords. I am/was way out of practice. I wrote my sister a long message and told her of the horror I had discovered and she, being her sweet self, encouraged me to keep up the effort and not be afraid of how bad I sounded. So I pushed on and eventually I noticed a change in my singing voice. I even sang a duet with a friend at Church, something I hadn’t done in ages. I’m managing to keep my stress levels down and bringing back into my life something that I love.
Why this song today?? Well, believe in yourself. I like to think that someone out there believes in me, in my goals, in my dreams. But I can’t rely on waiting for anybody to acknowledge me and what I work for. So I have to believe in myself before I can expect someone to believe in me. I’ve faced a lot of self-doubt and at some point, maybe in my childhood, I didn’t hear what I believe every child should hear that I can follow my dreams no matter what. It took me a long time to be comfortable with who I am and to be able to defend what I want out of life but I believe I have reached the point where I listen to my inner voice before listening to the voices around me. But I believe leaving my all too familiar surroundings and coming to live in India had a major role to play in that. I’m still figuring out what I want from life and I won’t let society’s pressures force me to settle for something that doesn’t make my heart tick. I believe in myself. Do you believe in you?


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