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Commentary: Men Too Can Dress Up

**** In this post I’ll be writing about different aspects of men’s dressing (and clothing), as well as current trends for guys  as a response/ request from Sudi who wrote: But please don’t forget the men. There are a whole lot of us out there that need advise when it comes to fashion.  I will also give you some styling ideas using items of clothing that are already in your wardrobe as much as possible. 

Why is it that when women tend to spend a lot of time, energy and resources in ensuring that they are always well dressed, men seem to think they have a free pass. I once encountered a guy who thought that because a certain party was being held at the house just opposite his, he could attend it in slippers and shorts that he’d been putting on for a week. “Anyway, it’s not as if it’s going to be something high flying. It’s just a simple farewell party.” He said to me. I was both shocked and disappointed because there I was wondering whether I’d chosen an appropriate outfit and this guy didn’t even care. I’m not saying that one has to dress up in fancy clothes each time one is invited to a party, at least ensure that the host/ hostess sees that you respect him/her and that you at least consider their party to be of some level of importance.
So what is wrong with wearing slippers and a pair of shorts to a “neighbourhood” party? For starters, bathroom slippers are just that, slippers meant to be worn in the bathroom and nowhere else. It has been deemed acceptable to wear these when walking around the house but if you can spare a few coins, why not buy a pair of house shoes? Secondly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing shorts and sandals to a party. There are a wide variety of men’s sandals readily available in the market. Thus there is no excuse for someone claiming that they’ll wear slippers because he doesn’t want to wear sneakers or formal leather shoes because the party is somewhat casual. And remember if you opt to put on open shoes, there comes the additional requirement that you pay extra attention to your feet i.e. if you can afford a pedicure go for one, if not, get a pumice stone and use it to scrub the soles of your feet to remove dead skin and finish off by applying a good layer of oil so you don’t look like you’ve just stepped into a pile of dust.
As for the chosen outfit, find out what the dress code is or get a general idea of what others will be putting on. Many parties hosted between friends tend to have a smart-casual feel to them so you can put on your short, clean ones, and a nice t-shirt that is well ironed. It is inexcusable for a man or woman to walk around in creased clothes. Bear in mind that whatever you choose to wear says a lot about who you are and how you value your host/hostess.
And if you have a better half, remember that the way you present yourself and the way you dress is a reflection of the kind of person your girlfriend/wife is. I’m not saying that you have to put on clothes that match but consider coordinating your outfits. One couple that really impresses me is the Hon. Raila Odinga and his wife, Mrs Ida Odinga. When the Odingas appear in public, they are always well coordinated. If Mrs Odinga is wearing an African outfit, Mr. Odinga could be wearing a hat of the same fabric as his wife’s outfit. They don’t walk around looking like Siamese twins but his outfit always complements hers, and vice versa. This is not only applicable when wearing African outfits, for instance if you choose to wear something formal, coordinate with your wife so that you don’t end up looking confused. Another couple that usually looks striking when they step out in public together is David and Victoria Beckham.
Guy’s should not think that they can escape scrutiny because dressing up is usually considered a woman’s thing. A well-groomed man scores more points not only with the ladies but also with his peers. Try it and see how easily you could draw people to you.

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