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Celebrity Style Crush | Solange Knowles

As much as I love Beyonce and try to learn from her (you know, working hard to fulfill your dream), I often find myself gravitating towards the younger Ms. Knowles i.e. Solange. I love her style. I find it so effortless and unique and laid back, something that I find I opt for particularly these days when I don’t want to think too much about what to wear.
Did you see her wedding dress? I posted a pic of it on my Instagram (you can follow me @inches2style) and saved it for future reference. The simplicity and elegance of it all made my heart sing.

And this pic with her man? That jumpsuit, for me, puts to shame many a jumpsuit that I have seen and perhaps own.

What I love most about her style is that her outfits always have something unexpected be it a cape, an interesting hemline and of course her signature afro. I am aspiring to grow have my afro as big as Solange’s.

What do you think about her style? Do share in the comments below. 

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