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Celebrity Style Crush | Michelle Williams

Way back in 2013 I was binge watching series and came across Styled by June. Being the style junkie that I am, I couldn’t stop watching this series until I had completed the entire season. It was during this time that I came across Michelle Williams and became more aware of her as a woman, an artist and an actress. After watching this episode, I sort her out more, looking for her performances be it in the music scene or in the movies.

I absolutely loved her humility in Styled by June. She put all her faith in June who was helping her achieve a style transformation. I felt that once she had been professionally styled and given style advice, she was more confident. Do you feel that when you dress well your confidence is boosted?
I stumbled upon the above photo of Michelle and I was so excited by the outfit and how gorgeous she looked. After exploring her Instagram page, I just had to make her my celebrity style crush this week. See more photos of her below.

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