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Body Image

Body Image | The Truth About Our Bodies

Over the last two weeks I have diligently followed the storm that has erupted after unretouched photos of Kim Kadarshian’s rear appeared online. If you don’t know what I’m talking about do a Google search.
Basically Kim K., who is known for her world famous rear, posted photos filled with “imperfections” and as a result she lost 100,000 followers on Instagram, had to take down the photos and apologise to her followers for putting up unflattering photos.
I understand that she has built her brand around her seemingly perfect body but the sad thing about this is that women and young girls around the world have started developing unrealistic expectations of how their bodies should look like. Some go to drastic measures just so that they can have hips, bust, waistline or even lips like so and so. Sometimes the measures they go through are so severe that they end up destroying their appearance entirely.
I recently went through a phase where I hated my body. I had put on weight and I didn’t like it. My thighs were too big, my waistline non-existent and it bothered me to no end. I felt the need to do something about my body. However, every time I would look at myself in the mirror I reminded myself that I didn’t want to lose the weight just so that I can meet an unrealistic standard set by Hollywood. I wanted to lose the weight for me, so that I can feel good about myself and also to ensure that I kept healthy.
Coincidentally, when I first saw those photos of Kim, I was happy. I thought to myself, for once a celebrity is courageous enough to show us that her body is not perfect. I saw the cellulite and thought this is a good thing. At least now women can see that no matter how famous you are or how much money you have, you can still have cellulite and stretch marks. That when you reach a certain age and/or have children, your body will look different. Things will sag a little. You will need to work harder and watch what you eat just so that you can tone some muscles and lose a bit of weight.
And, if you want to have cosmetic surgery to enhance your appearance, make sure you do it for you, not for anybody else. Do it because you want to not because you want to look like someone else. Do it because it actually makes you happy. Don’t strive to please.
In the end, remember that your body is bound to change as the years go by. You just need to learn how to manage it as it goes through the different transformations.

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