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Blogging Challenge Day 9 | Somebody I Admire

Mother’s Day is around the corner and while this post would have been best suited for that day, I couldn’t hold off putting it up any longer. As I have mentioned innumerable times here on the blog, motherhood is a continuous learning experience. There can never be a time when you think you know it all because with each passing day, your baby grows older and experiences things for the first time and you both have to learn how to handle the emotions that these new experiences bring up. For that reason, it is only fitting that as a first-time mum, you seek out other, more experienced mothers to guide you through these previously uncharted waters.

I’m guessing by now that you can more or less tell who the person I admire most is; my mother. The older I get and the more I get into this journey called motherhood I have learned to appreciate her more and more and to learn from her.
She is the strongest woman I know; she doesn’t let life’s challenges put her down. She is prayerful and I long for the day when I will be as spiritual as she is. She works hard even now when her children are grown up and she could have opted to slow down. She is the most understanding person I know. In as much as she doesn’t tolerate mischief, she takes time to understand others’ point of view and even when she can’t give you adequate advice, she readily accepts her deficiencies and directs you towards someone who is more qualified to help you.
My mum and I may not see eye to eye on a number of aspects but I know that deep down she means well and I admire her conviction. I like how she knows her standards and she doesn’t lower them for anything or anyone.
When I grow up I want to be like my mum; strong, hardworking, spiritual, loving, understanding, unshakeable in my standards.

Thank you for stopping by.

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