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Audrey Masitsa, Challenges

Blogging Challenge Day 8 | 6 Things Currently On My Wishlist

My wishlists always contain something fashion related. Because my weekday outfits are usually on the more casual side, I noticed that I was lacking in the more smart department so I have started adding more structured, smart pieces to my wardrobe. Along with fashion, I have a few tech items that I want to acquire in the course of the next couple of months. Below are 6 things that are currently on my wishlist.

1. Structured handbag
Not necessarily designer although those would be amazing, I would love a smart black structured bag, this Chanel one is top on the list, as well as a bag with a nice pop of colour. 
2. Shoes
For shoes, I have fallen head over heels in love with these embroidered shoes. I particularly like that they have a block heel because I honestly can’t survive too long in stilettos. I would also like a pair of knee-high boots.
3. Cork board
After all these years, I have finally started working on my vision board. I started by creating a board on Pinterest with everything that I would want on my vision board. Now I want to make a physical vision board and I need cork board. Does any of you know where I can buy one?
4. Phone
Over New Year’s my phone decided it had had enough and it died. In as much as I hadn’t budgeted to buy a phone this soon, it looks like I don’t have much of a choice now. 
5. Tripod
One of my biggest handicaps since I started blogging has been my inability to take photos if I don’t have someone else with me so much so that I a tripod is now at the forefront of my wishlist.
6. Clothing
For clothing, I’ve really been into oversized sweaters and coat dresses lately. 
Thank you for stopping by.

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