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Audrey Masitsa, Challenges

Blogging Challenge Day 3 | My Hopes For The Future

When thinking about my future, I often think of a day when I will have set up a few businesses, invested in different markets, bought a house or two and basically settled down enough not to worry too much about my income. I’m a hardworking person. I don’t believe in sitting and waiting for someone to provide for me. I take pride in accomplishing my goals no matter how much effort I had to put into it. Albeit there are times when I struggle to remain positive, to keep to the grind even when results are hard to come by but then I look at my daughter and I remember why I’m doing it all. It’s for her, for her future as well as mine.
I want to be a great mum and not a perfect mum. I want to grow with Elly, to help her find her way in this world, to discover who she is and what she is passionate about.

For my immediate future, I just want to get to a more positive place. In the last year or so I have been through quite a lot and I will admit that it drained me of my energy. I’m a fighter, nonetheless. I am determined not to let my past experiences steal my joy or make me a negative person. I know I can overcome any challenges that come my way and with God on my side, I am sure to come out victorious and even more blessed.

All in all, I want life to be filled with love, laughter and personal growth.

Thank you for stopping by.

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