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Audrey Masitsa, memoirs of a bespectacled girl, My Style

Bespectacled Girl: Feeling Like A New Me

Guess what guapas! I finally got new specs! Remember how I told you that I am as blind as a bat and how looking for good frames that will hide the thickness of my lenses was an impossible task despite all the beautiful ideas I got from Penelope Garcia? Well, I got so tired of hardly being able to see that I decided to get on with it and change my specs. I know, I know, it was long overdue. But when your life depends on your glasses, you cannot joke around with just about anything. You have to go for the best.
I don’t want to bore you with a long story of how I sat at the eye hospital for hours and hours, going for one test after the other and finally having to wait two whole weeks before I met my babies. It was an ordeal I don’t intend on going through any time soon , but I am not complaining now that I can see better than I have in years! I will complain about the lack of good frames designed for those of us who really can’t see and have thick lenses. I don’t give a damn about people pointing at me and saying how thick my lenses are but it would be nice to have more variety at an affordable price. Spending 25,000 shillings on frames that baby girl will take and break is just not my cup of tea.

Can you tell how happy mama is?

Outfit Details: Faux Leather Leggings: Thrifted; Sweatshirt: Thrifted; Earrings: Botique i2s; Choker Necklace: Botique i2s

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  1. Mama Owen

    Loving the new frames! 25k though �� but it's totally worth it.

    Diana N

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Thanks so much Diana.
    These ones weren't 25k but I did get a quotation for some as I was looking for frames. Scared me half to death, haha. xo

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