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Awesome Reads, My Style


Moving from student life to being a working can be nerve-racking in many ways. One of them being how to dress. Do I need to change my whole wardrobe and abandon my personal style or can I dress professionally and still maintain who I am? Kenyan Stylista tackles this issue beautifully.

Catherine of Not Dressed As a Lamb has a fun office outfit that would be great when you’re tired of wearing your suits.

This outfit by Megan of The Frugalista Diaries is one that I must try out. Need I add that she has one lust-worthy shoe collection?

There are some trends that appear that one is not so certain about and wearing mint (the colour not the herb) is one of those. I was deathly afraid of putting on anything in this colour but Gabrielle of Fashion Beauty Insight put me at ease with these incredible mint denim trousers.

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