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****I read a lot of many different things and as a way to share them with my readers, I decided to add this weekly feature to the blog. I will feature share some of the interesting and inspiring things I’ve read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

This week many of the inspiring pieces I read had to do with outfit inspiration.

Mik of Stylish Obsessions, wore this outfit and I can’t get it out of my head. I love it’s simplicity and how classic it is.
Sometimes you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you absolutely love but you fear they could look dated. Sal of Already Pretty gives tips on how to style dated garments them so that they are updated.
Another favourite of mine from Already pretty, Sal wore this gorgeous blue tie-dye maxi dress that I absolutely love.
Ginny of Musings of a Breast Cancer Optimist gave me inspiration with this spring/summer outfit. I love maxi skirts and I’m looking for a pink one just like this!!!
Coming up with a great outfit means you have to an eye for details.  Each little element of your look matters and should tie with the other. Anna of Fash Boulevard, has great style. I absolutely love reading her blog. She has a great eye for detail.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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