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Happy end of the month!!!
Below are some of the highlights of August on Inches To Style (i2s).

My Outfits

Remixed Maxi dress

Maxi dress and Ballet flats
Maxi and Sequins
Running Errands
Sunday Dresses

Denim Dress
LBD and Blazer
Exploring skirts
I’ve got nothing to wear
Skirt as a dress

Hollywood Inspiration/ Body Image

The African Woman

Celebrate your curves
Back to our roots

African Beauty

Personal Style
Retain your style with age

Other Highlights
  • I got my first job!!! I’m still in denial.
  • I finally finished my diploma in IT. I’m just hoping against all hope that it all goes well.
  • I became an auntie!! Oh I think I forgot to share this…My very good friend, who’s more like a sister to me had a baby girl, whose photos I’ve been forbidden to put online. But baby Waridi, I love you, sweetness! Can’t wait until you’re old enough to get into mischief. Shhh! Don’t tell your mum:)
  •  I reconnected with some old friends. I came to realize that I should treasure each and every person who has come into my life. There must be a reason why we met and I must make an effort to keep in touch with them.
I hope you had a great month.And if you didn’t finish all that you had set out to do, don’t give up. Just fill it in for the new month and get to it!

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  1. Anne

    Great post! Lovely outfits and congratulations on the new job:)

  2. Unknown

    Congratulations for all these achievements and good luck with your job. You look great on all your posts. xoxo.


  3. Anonymous

    I don't need glasses to see blue is one of your favorite colours.(hee hee) Congrats on your new job!!!!

  4. Audrey Masitsa

    Thank you Anne. I really enjoy working.

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