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AUDREY’S STYLE: Turquoise + Pink + Beige

Hello lovelies!
I am now nearing the end of my 39th week of pregnancy and well, I have very few dresses that still fit me.This is one of those that I got for this time since I knew that I would not fit into any of the dresses I had been wearing before. I have moved up two dress sizes so as expected, all the clothes I used to wear have been rendered redundant.
 I wore this last Sunday to Church. I love the colours on this dress. I think they are quite feminine and are an unusual pairing (turquoise, pink and beige all rolled into one). I added my peplum jacket as a cover up and my turquoise sandals.

For some strange reason I really felt like upping the ante on Sunday so I rummaged through my jewellery and found this necklace and earrings I had almost forgotten about. It’s interesting how by just wearing some interesting jewellery your outfit can be transformed and you end up feeling more cheerful than you did before. Add a purple lip and you are good to go.
For the last two weeks I’ve been waiting for my baby to arrive. I’ll be 40 weeks on Monday and I’ve actually reached the end of my tether. The exhaustion and inability to move around as freely as I’d like is really getting me down. But I’m really trying to be relaxed and to take things as they come. I use dressing up and doing things that I enjoy(like blogging and reading) to cheer myself up.
What methods do you use to cheer yourself up? Clothes, make-up or jewellery?
Thank you for stopping by.
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Happy Saturday.


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