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AUDREY’S STYLE: The Jumpsuit

Hello lovelies!
A few months ago, while buying new stock for my online shop I came across this jumpsuit and bought it without a second thought. I intended to sell it but I didn’t get round to putting it up on my site. A few months later (after my baby was born) I discovered that it could fit me quite well. I wore this black jumpsuit to Church a few Sundays ago and I was left wondering why I had not tried out this trend months ago.I paired it with black peep-toe pumps and my afro that is too long.
 I have come to find that with jumpsuits, you must be very careful when choosing the right one for your body. the fit has to be just right, not too tight nor too loose. You also have to factor in colours, prints and cuts all so that the jumpsuit is flattering in all the right places.

Have you tried on a jumpsuit? If yes, what was your experience? If no, why didn’t you? Share in the comments below.
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Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Friday.


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  1. Vhutali

    love that jumpsuit. i have tried the short one an di loved them.

    i like jumpsuits that have sleeves not the string or boob tube ones. so that one is perfect and the fact that its black.


  2. Unknown

    am so happy you are out of the house and healing, motherhood suits you!! love the jumpsuit but I would accessorize it just a bit so that its not too dull. Next jumpsuit you land share with the rest of us.

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