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 Happy holidays lovelies! How was your Christmas? Selecting a suitable dress to wear on Christmas day was no big deal (for a change!!) Bearing in mind that I have been struggling to find suitable maternity dresses in my third trimester, this was a huge plus for me! This green and white dress has been a resident in my wardrobe for at least a year now. I’ve worn it once or twice before. It wasn’t one of my favorites mainly because it was very big on me and I couldn’t figure out how to reduce it without ruining the style of the dress. So you can imagine my joy at having an opportunity to dress my baby bump for Christmas in a season-inspired green and white dress. I’m not a huge fan of green but I was amazed at how much green I have accumulated in a year.
 Christmas morning was very windy and chilly. So I added this grey blazer (which was a gift from my cousin). As I was very tired of wearing flats, I opted to wear white wedges for a change. Other accessories included a green statement necklace, green bead and white pearl earrings, green belt to create a distinction between my bust and bump, a brass elephant ring and a sparkly clutch. I added an orange lip to complete my outfit.
 Christmas comes once a year so I decided to go all out with my accessories and make-up. Being 7 months pregnant comes with all sorts of ups and downs. I was actually in a pretty bad mood the whole morning and I couldn’t explain to anyone why. So I needed to go all out with my outfit just to make myself feel better.
 Some of my relatives came home for Christmas lunch and we had a blast! I haven’t laughed that much in a really long, long time. It was a memorable day and I can’t wait for next year when baby will be able to take part in the celebrations with us.

How did you celebrate Christmas?
Thank you for stopping by. Happy holidays lovelies!
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