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AUDREY’S STYLE: Peach and a Hoodie

Hello lovelies!
I think I’m loving this maternity fashion. Who knew that finding interesting maternity clothes could be so possible let alone fun! I bought this dress knowing that I’d need it for my third trimester when absolutely nothing fits anymore. Come Sunday morning, it’s usually such a chore to find something to wear to church particularly because I now prefer the fitted bustier and looser fitting skirt to the overall fitted dress.I chose this dress particularly because of the colour and the surprise at the back (Hello hoodie)!

 When shopping with my sister, she forbade me from buying too many dark coloured maternity clothes and I must say her advise has helped me uplift my mood more than once. I threw on my off-white pea-coat as it was chilly in the morning and added black sandals and a thrifted Hermes bag. Even with the foul weather we have been experiencing in Nairobi, I have very little choice than to wear open shoes. As I was taking these photos my feet were very swollen from sitting for too long. In fact on Saturday I wore a pair of closed flats that used to be my widest pair of shoes but after under an hour in them, I just wanted to throw them away! But with under three weeks to go, I am too excited to worry too much about the swelling which eases off after some time.
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Happy Tuesday.


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