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Hello lovelies!
Midi dresses are a style of dress that can be a little bit awkward especially because of the undefined length. I bought this dress mostly because I loved the colour. Then I discovered that it was more of a midi dress than a knee-length one and I thought it would be a difference from the dresses I usually wear. I am more a fun of maxis and knee-length dresses but like I said yesterday, these nine months have been an adventurous time for me style-wise. I have actually managed to get out of my cocoon and try on clothes made with different fabrics (hello stretch material) and lengths (case in point mid-length). Come to think of it, I wore this mid-length grey dress some time last year so that counts for at least two such dresses.

 I wore this outfit for my doctor’s appointment on Monday. I honestly didn’t put too much thought into this outfit. Instead I just pulled the first thing that I saw. I was so sleepy that morning and it had been raining the whole weekend so the Monday blues were warranted. Green was my colour of choice to break up the monochromatic blue of the dress and denim jacket. My messy hair needed covering and these are my go to shoes these days since my swelling feet don’t permit me to wear most of my other shoes.

On another note, the other day I was going through my wardrobe trying to figure out which of my maternity clothes I’ll keep and which I will not and this dress begged to be among those that will be made smaller and kept. I will do so mostly because of the colour and long sleeves (I don’t have too many long-sleeve dresses).
I hope you are all having a great week. I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday. I’ve had enough of this week and really want to get on to the next one.

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Happy Thursday.


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