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Hello lovelies!
One of the colours that I said I would be wearing a lot of this year was grey (see post here) and you can imagine my excitement at having these grey jeans for my maternity wear. I used to wear these jeans when I was in college and later they became a bit loose so they were pushed to the back of my drawer. It was only later that I found that when all my other trousers wouldn’t fit (some even with the top button left open!), these ones have withstood my ever expanding waistline.
 I’ve been wearing them a lot and this time I paired them with a purple top, white loafers and a white handbag for a morning running errands. I bought this top much earlier in my pregnancy when it used to just look like an over-sized top. Now you can see my bump through it! I think this is one of those items that I will definitely keep to wear after the baby comes.

 This is one of those outfit posts that has been pending. There are a couple more left then I’ll have caught up.

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Happy Thursday.


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