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AUDREY’S STYLE: Floral Tunic

Hi all!
Florals are the ultimate pick-me-up especially now that the weather has decided to do what it does best, be completely unpredictable. I bought this dress last year and I think I only wore it twice before. I needed some maternity wear since some of the clothes I had been wearing previously do not fit anymore. I’m in my 3rd trimester so I have ballooned, I’m not sure whether to be happy.
 This is what I wore on Sunday to church. I was taking my brother to the market afterwards so I had to wear something that I could easily transition from church to market. I wore ballet flats to Mass then switched them for my combat boots as my sister calls them. I wore this waterfall sweater as an afterthought when I noticed we were going to have yet another wet morning. To bring the whole outfit together I added this handbag that I have fallen in love with (hint, hint, mum) and my new earrings which were a gift from my brother.
My brother has been around, although he left last night so we had a bonding overdose. After the market on Sunday, he bought me pizza and I felt like a happy child. I finally satisfied one of my cravings 🙂

I hope December has began on a cheerful note for all of you. Don’t let the lousy Nairobi weather trample you good humor or style. Speaking of which, you can now check out my online store here or view the items on Facebook here.
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Thank you for stopping by.
 Happy Tuesday.

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