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Hi all!
We are at the end of November and coming towards the end of the year (although there are some who have already crossed over to December). I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for all your support. I know we still have another four weeks to the end of 2013, but I figured we will all be busy in the coming weeks gearing up towards Christmas and the new year so this is the best time to say THANK YOU!
A couple of weeks ago I made a big announcement that got mixed reactions. I chose to focus on all the positive support that I got from all of you and let go of the negative. I was so moved by all the positive messages I got from all of you both on my Facebook page and on my personal timeline, all the phone calls and Whatsapp messages I received, and all the friends and relatives who have been there to guide me through this exciting time. My little angel, my boyfriend and I are so grateful for all your support.
Next I would like to say a special thank you to all you who have taken the time to read this little blog and who actually enjoy my rumblings. It’s so amazing when I talk to or meet someone who tells me they enjoy my blog. I feel even more encouraged to keep looking for interesting things to tell you about. So, thank you so much for your comments here, on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for your offline comments as well.
And for those who have been asking about my shop, I relaunched it yesterday. You can now shop Inches To Style. I’m still working on it but in the meantime I have put up some of the stock. There will be more come next week. Thank you to all those who have shopped with me already.
I hope you had a wonderful November and are looking forward to December as much as I am. See you in the new month!
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Thank you for stopping by.
 Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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